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September 2015
Weight Loss After 40
People are concerned about the weight loss “stigma” and even though they may be getting great results, they don’t publically admit using what type of product. And we had many people who keep re-purchasing PhenQ and not giving a positive word on the product. I mean reordering means that it works fine for you. right?...
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Many Phen375 are still very frustrated because of the inaccessibility of the Phen375 in nearby Pharmacies or health shops. And most review sites or even the official sites, replay to this complain by: “UNFORTUNATELY: The legit Phen375 product is available only via THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE” Yea, still that’s not a good answer. Is RDK global,...
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green coffee extract vs ph375
There is this huge buzz about Green coffee beans, to be honest, I thought it’s just a fever and it’ll go away by itself. But No, even Dr Oz had to step in and take his share of this viral buzz. My first impression was a typical way of marketing coffee as a good fat...
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