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October 2015
Hormones Weight Loss Dr Oz
Many people falsely believe that weight gain (and loss) is all about calories and willpower. Your hormones control every aspect of weight loss including your metabolism. However, the hormones discussed here are not sex hormones, they are hormones that control or affect our weight. Hormones are complex, there are major three that have the most impact....
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30lbs challenge for 30 days via hCG activator
The HCG activator has gained many followers after the the FDA came down hard on the hCG diet, declaring it “fraudulent”, “dangerous,” and “illegal. After these FDA statements, it’s quite strange that many persisted on continued buying these HCG activator pills. The reason is that it simply delivered results to the user. HCG activator comes with...
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Grenade Thermo Detonator caught our interest, when people, especially in the Gym community, started to mention it frequently. This product lifted the expectation bar for many who seek to lift metabolic rate and increase energy levels. Grenade was designed for the ones, who are serious about not just losing weight but changing their lifestyle to a more...
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It’s quite controversial when a prescribed drug like Xenical with evidence of clinical adverse effects gets very popular among people struggling with obesity. It means that, many wouldn’t mind having oily stools, diarrhea and abdominal pain. For the sake of losing weight! Xenical main mechanism is binding to the fat you eat, limiting the quantity...
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