Anadrole (Anadrol) Results in 8 Weeks Cycle – For Bulking Muscles

Anadrole (Anadrol) Results in 8 Weeks Cycle – For Bulking Muscles

If size and bulk you are after, Anadrole is the most relevant oral anabolic steroid you are looking for. The common trade name is “Oxymetholone” it’s also marked in some markets as “Anadrol 50“.

The results expected from this supplement is profound. Most users reports back gaining up to 20 pounds (6 kilos) in a single 6 week cycle.

Anadrole (Anadrol) became more popular as a bodybuilding supplement, due to the fantastic muscular benefits.

However, the old version on market Anadrol 50, which considered as most toxic steroids that you’ll find.

This being said, Anadrole totally changed the whole view on the previous market version of Anadrol 50. Not only it’s legal to buy it online but you can expect better benefits from this new enhanced version.

How Does Anadrole (Anadrol) Work?

The major aim of Anadrole once it gets in your body, is to skyrocket the red blood cells within the body, thus enhancing the oxygenation of the muscles.

Trained athletes, particularly in endurance sports & during intensive workouts, have a decreased red blood cells, which is sometimes called “sports anemia”(1).

Anadrole not only prevent this. But it allows the individual to carry more oxygen per unit volume, leading to an increased performance, rapid growth and development. It enhances body strength and reduces fatigue, acting as the choice supplement for all aspiring body builders.


According to Vida (a reference guide which provides the anabolic-androgenic ratios of various AAS) Anadrol maintains an anabolic/androgenic ratio of 320:45, making it 3.2X more anabolic than testosterone.This gives Anadrol a higher anabolic rating than many other steroids in its class, such as Dianabol and Tren.

Major Difference Between Anadrole (New Version) vs Anadrol (Old Version)



 anadrol 50 (Anadrole)

Anadrol (old version)



How It Works -More Oxygen flow to muscles.-Stimulate EPO Hormone during intense workouts.

-Retain nitrogen in muscles for more gain.

– Stimulate testosterone levels, naturally from testes.

Relying predominantly on non-genomic mechanisms in order to effectuate muscle growth
Used For proBulking proBulking
Side-effect proNone. If used in it proper cycle conCapable of inducing all of the typical estrogen-related side effects.

users may experience side effects such as: gynecomastia, subcutaneous water retention, elevations in blood pressure, and bloat

Speed of results proEnd of 1st week, you can see a difference but the significant changes in the end of 2nd week. proEnd of 1st week, you can see a difference but the significant changes in the end of 2nd week. However, significant side-effects to be seen on 5th week.
Which cycles used in proBulking proBulking
Increase the rate at which male pattern hair loss proNo, with new modifications conYes, many compalins on this area
Increased muscle growth proYes proYes
Delivery Method Tablets (3 times a day) Tablets (one time a day)
 To be used for longer period of time with a relatively high degree of safety. proYes (8 to 10) Weeks cycle period is considered safe. However it’s recommended to do 8 week cycle and stay off for 1.5 weeks. conNot safe for long period cycles more than 6 weeks.
Gynecomastia proNo conYes (for sure)
User Reviews proPositive with case studies and posted results all over the web conPositive but with major drawbacks of side-effects and some reports on liver toxicity as well.
Where To Buy Click Here To Buy Today (Ships free to US and EUROPE) with mega discounts.  Not available in online shops, and considered illegal to be bought online due to ingredients.

Benefits of Anadrole (Anadrol) With Real Case Studies + Reviews

  • proSpeeds up muscle repair (recovery) so that you spend less time recovering and more time lifting.
  • proNoticeable muscle growth in 2nd week of cycle
  • proSide-effects are none (due to the nature of the new modified ingredients)
  • proNo Gynecomastia (like previous version)
  • proIncreased metabolism, enhanced energy and much higher endurance levels.
  • proIndirect boost to testosterone levels by provoking testes to increase it’s testosterone production.



Anadrole Ingredients (in details)

anadrol_anadrole-ingredients-supplementIt consists of Tribulur Terrestris Extract which is a fruit, soy protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, asphaltum, and Acetyle L-carnite. Other ingredients include gelatin capsule and magnesium stearate which has a vegetable origin.

Tribulur Terrestris Extract (250mg); an extremely powerful plant extract with a strong effect on testosterone production and everything associated with it (libido, good mood, muscle building,..) It’s well known among athletes when it helped Bulgarian athletes with various competitions without running into issues with anti-doping controls, since it’s completely natural. The active ingredient in tribulus terrestris extract is PROTODIOSCIN, which is a natural precursor to the human sex hormone, testosterone.

Whey Protein (100mg); contains an incredible range of essential amino acids, which are absorbed quickly.

Soy Protein Isolate (100mg); Soy protein isolate is a dry powder food ingredient that has been separated or isolated from the other components of the soybean, making it 90 to 95 percent protein and nearly carbohydrate and fat-free. adding soy to a casein and whey blend could help increase the length and total impact of your anabolic response to protein powder.

DHEA (50mg); Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is made in continuous cycles from the adrenal glands. This considered as a pre-cursor hormone, as it leads to the production of other hormones. When this compound is supplemented, it has been shown to have awesome effects. on slowing the aging process. It has also be clinically proven to help burn fat and build muscle, and increase sex drive.

Shilajit (50mg); libido enhancing and anti-aging secret weapon of the Hollywood elite is a wonderful herbal supplement with plethora of uses in body building and exercise. Plus it’s fantastic in helping the body to be more resistant to fatigue.

Acetyl -Carnitine (25mg); It is considered a “vitamin-like” and “amino acid-like” compound that is related to the B vitamins.It has a noticeable impact on energy production, its believed to enhance overall mental and physical energy.

Main Drawback of Anadrole (Anadrol)

People with lactose intolerance  need to be careful with it. There are also some people who are allergic to whey. Also not suitable for Vegetarians!

How to Use Anadrole?

Serving Size: 2 capsules per day

Servings per Bottle: 30

Recommended Use: Take two (2) capsules with water approximately 20 minutes before your breakfast. Use with a suitable diet and exercise programme.

Recommended workout period: 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off.

User Reviews From Anadrole Results

Anadrol (Anadrole) User Reviews online Anadrol (Anadrole) User Reviews

Where To Buy Anadrole And How is it Shipped?

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