Is Phen375 Still Effective Fat Burner For 2018 *Updated*

Is Phen375 Still Effective Fat Burner For 2018 *Updated*

I’m not the first nor the last one to write a review on Phen375. What will keep you on reading is because I drained all the search engines of with “Phen375 reviews” getting all so good reviews most of them copying each other nothing genuine. Let’s start by a small video I’ve made that covers up the whole things about Phen375.

Is Phen375 right for you?

This question will put you on the right track instead of wasting your time and money.

Phen375-right-for-youIf you are a Pregnant or breastfeeding this is not for you.

Phen375-right-for-youIf you are a child under 12 years old, this is not for you.

Phen375-right-for-youIf your lifestyle is eating junk food all day, accumulating fats at work & home, difficult to be changed & not planning to go for surgery. This type of fat burner hunger suppressing pill might suit you at best. If you can handle a cup of coffee, whether you’re male or female, fit or unfit then definitely Phen375 pill is right for you.

Phen375-right-for-youIf you had previous bad experience in weight loss, this is right for you.

Phen375-right-for-youGood short-term fat burner for people looking to get into top shape quickly.

AlerticonThere is a big reason behind why it’s called a “fat burner” it’s because it burns fat
I was able to collect over 540 Live reviews on fat burners on various products from real users these were  the common complains:

Worst-fatburner-reviewsMy appetite hasn’t changed at all

Worst-fatburner-reviewsDon’t waste your money

Worst-fatburner-reviewsNot had any increase in energy

Worst-fatburner-reviewsI didn’t lose even one pound, in fact, I put on weight!

Worst-fatburner-reviewsI have spent the last 3 hrs trying to find some real consumer website to give me a real answer scam everywhere.

Check Official Phen375 Website

Benefits of Phen375 on Your Body

2014 It boosts body metabolism, which leads to more burning more hunger, therefore, it has appetite suppression action to avoid the hunger feeling

2014 Disrupts the body’s ability to store fat. Parallel Phen375 plays on your body fat by break it down faster

2014 No side effects, powerful replacement of the now-banned chemical pills “Phentermine”

2014Helps the average body to burn between 1,500 and 2,500 calories per day. If you are talking in pounds you will lose average from 3-5 pounds per week.

Noticeable Results “Customers Oriented”

alex - Phen375


Phen375 is the best thing in my life that helped me lose weight, change my lifestyle to the better, and boost my confidence and get rid of depression.

I lead an active lifestyle, enjoy life and go out much more than before, and feel good about myself, and wear whatever I want! 🙂

lauren phen375

testimonial-iconI am Anavel. I am 22, still young and you would think I would have all the energy of the world but I didn’t. I was miserable, overweight with no energy! My heaviest was 206lbs, as many people, I’ve tried so many diets, I have always been a thick girl but it never got out of hand! All my diets ended in failure and crashing. It was disappointment after every diet. Nothing gave me results and that’s what I needed to see in order to motivate me.

I came across Phen375 online and decided to order a bottle with the hope of getting SOME result. As soon as I started, I felt the energy, my cravings had disappeared! I felt great! In my first 2weeks I dropped 8lbs… Read more the rest of her story


Discussions on Phen375 from First Hand User Experience:


The Secret Behind Phen375 Noticeable Results:

This pill contains 5 main ingredients that act efficiently and rapidly not against your body natural mechanism leading to spectacular results that can be very noticeable after the first month. It’s important to raise the honesty of this article by sharing specifically what each ingredient does, so you can be sure what’s happening inside your body

  • Trimethylxanthine (caffeine)
  • L-carnitine
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • LongJack Tongkate Ali capsaicin
  • Sympathomimetic Amine (citrus aurantium)

Trimethylxanthine –  Increase the metabolic process raising the burning rate of fats. This also leads to a noticeable change in your body energy as the more you burn the more energy will result.

L-Carnitine – This ingredient helps to give your body yet another added energy boost by eliminating stored body fat and getting it into your bloodstream.

LongJack Tongkate ALI –  During the burning process, this ingredient prevent muscle mass getting involved in the fat burning process – meaning you keep your muscle tone but lose the fat.

Cayenne Pepper – Researchers believe that capsaicin is a thermogenic chemical. A thermogenic chemical may help speed up your metabolism and decrease your appetite.

Sympathomimetic Amine –Aiding in the production of norepinephrine. This leads to enhancing the metabolic process.

Phen375 Safety (Yes Or NO)

Short Answer: Yes but under the following considerations

By safety; it means it doesn’t have any side effects but you must follow the instruction pamphlet that comes attached with Phen375 diet pill. However, these are very rare side effects that had been reported:

  • Bit of a loose stool now and then.
  • Higher blood pressure levels.
  • Increased heart rate.

These negative adverse effects reported are very typical of diet pills, and they are actually quite a bit milder than what you can expect from many other products.

Main Disadvantages From My Point of View

  • I consider this product as a synthetic rather than a natural supplement
  • If not planning to stop junk food or at least decrease it’s amount per month, you’ll get fat again after stopping Phen375.
  • Not good for people who don’t like coffee as this product contains caffeine.

How to Use Phen375? What Should You Expect From It

First, adjust your goals like how many pounds are you planning to lose limiting it by a certain amount of time. But must be reasonable don’t expect to lose 30-40 pounds in a month don’t happen to normal people. With Phen375 you can plan to lose from 12- 20 pounds a month in the first month. By the time this number will increase bit by bit as you accommodate with the 30-day diet plan that enhances your strategy to lose weight.


Second, don’t make yourself hungry all day and use this pill. Instead, eat small 4-6 meals per day and take the first pill 20 mins before the first meal. Take the second pill in the mid-morning after your second meal.

Third, Phen375 will make you thirsty so drink lots of water. The more water you consume the more you help your body to lose weight faster.

How long this product on the market?

Phen375 has been created in 2008 launched in 2009 in the market.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is not over the counter diet pill, it’s not available in pharmacies, GMC, CVS or Wal-Mart stores (click here to know why it’s is not sold in GNC). It can only be found on Phen375 official website Here are the prices with “special offers”


Phen375 Cost In USD

30 tablets: $65.95 
60 tablets: $131.90 “special offer”
120 tablets: $263.80 “special offer”

Plus on top of that, it’s 30 days money back guarantee and shipped internationally.

Bottom Line

I’ve got over hundreds of feedbacks from recent customers. Not 100% is positive but over 90% say it works. And from these 90 %, 60% percent of them reordered Phen375 to continue achieving their weight loss goal. Here comes a new year taking thousands of orders. Help yourself and join the weight loss achievers