Saxenda Canada Prescription Injection Vs OTC Alternatives.

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Saxenda Canada Prescription Injection Vs OTC Alternatives.

Are you one of the thousands of people who are struggling with fat on their bellies? Are you obsessed with a growing tummy and perhaps feel like you have are getting an unmatched waist? Are you struggling with overweight or obesity issues?

Well, more often than not, being overweight comes with various health issues including heart diseases, breathing problems, diabetes, and kidney failure among others. Otherwise, it is also known to increase blood pressure and could result in other problems related to strokes.

The availability of burgers, supersized drinks and candies is one of many factors, which is promoting obesity and being overweight. In fact, the two conditions are said to affect 40 percent of Canadians.

However, in many cultures, food is love, and the reason you will see many people overfeeding in gatherings.

Given the risks, which come along with being overweight, it is the right time to get back to your desired weight. There are many approaches being used for weight loss but nothing is working better than liraglutide; a new injectable medication.

The new drug, which has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, is marketed under the name Saxenda. Among the many countries, it has been approved in Canada, thus being referred to as Saxenda Canada.  The new medication goes hand in hand with Phen375, which is also a reliable fat burner and has been clinically verified to reduce more than 20 lbs of weight in six weeks.

Phen375 is not only a dietary supplement but it is also particularly for weight loss and hunger suppression.  The weight lowering supplement is a very good source of instant energy. Visit Official website here

Will the new injectable or the supplement give answers to obesity and overweight issues?

The available obesity drugs in the market, the likes of fen-phen cannot be trusted anymore due to fatal reactions. However, thousands of people are still desperate about finding better solutions for obesity and overweight conditions. Both the new injectable medication and the supplement, which is also known as Phen375 Canada seems to be so promising.

The chemistry in the injectable medication may be a game-changer because it works throughout the body. According to Dr. Chris Sorli, a diabetes specialist, the drug slows down stomach motility, increases insulin and energy storage as well as enhancing beta-cell function. He was speaking at a recent conference in Barcelona from where be noted the package deal of benefits.

On the other hand, did you know that daily burning of fat is possible with an increased metabolism? Yes, it is, and with Phen375 Canada, which is created from almost all organic and natural substances, you get back your weight. Losing the extra pounds will not only make you feel better, but you will also look better.

How does each of them work?


Saxenda Canada Unboxed

Saxenda works like a hormone, which a body produces naturally to regulate appetite. That means it makes you feel less hungry, which in return leads to lower calorie intake and weight loss.The self-injectable medicine is administered once-daily and it is strongly advisable to talk to your healthcare provider before using it. A new study outlines that it works by slowing down the stomach, which in return keep it’s full for a longer period. At this point the appetite is reduced.



The supplement, which is a legal product in Canada, France, UK and the USA is available without a prescription. It burns any excess fat instantly and converts it into energy, hence losing your weight.   Buying Phen375 is risk-free to your health and your money because it offers 45 days of money back guarantee.  It is the most popular diet and weight loss pill available in the market today. Clinical studies show that Phen375 reduces around 2 lbs to 5 lbs of weight in a week. If you are looking for the safest and effective weight loss product then you have it in Phen375 Ingredient analysis.

Phen375 is manufactured in a special laboratory in America.  Its ingredients are a 100% legal and are of the highest quality. According to scientists, the supplement has four vital ingredients: –

  • 1,3-Dimethylpentylamine HCL (Hydrochloride)

It is primarily from geranium flower hence it is a Geranium oil/extract. HCL is very common among people who want to lose weight because it helps in improving the calorie burning processes. The primary role of Geranium oil is to manipulate the central nervous system


  • 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine

It is the scientific name for Caffeine and an appetite suppressant. It helps to trick your brain in to believing you are full. This means your body has to burn more fat to get the energy it needs.


  • L- Carnitine

It has the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which helps in letting go of the stored body fat into the bloodstream for energy. L- Carnitine, which is an artificial amino acid,is indispensable for the transport of fats. It is common inred meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products, fish and other seafood. Apart from enhancing the slimming process, it is also very rich inanti-oxidants.


  • Cayenne / Capsicum-1.12

It helps in ensuring the other active ingredients are carried throughout your body by increasing blood flow in flow vessels. Apart from raising blood circulation it also makes you eat less while diminishing the growth of fat cells.

Saxenda, which is manufactured in Denmark by Novo Nordisk acts as a GLP-1 receptor agonist and contains 6 mg of liraglutide in every of its 1 mL. Apart from water for the injection, it also contains inactive ingredients; propylene glycol, disodium phosphate dihydrate, 5.5 mg, 1.42 mg, 14 mg and phenol,.

Nonetheless, it is equally advisable to seek usage direction from a medical practitioner especially if you are taking other prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins or herbal supplements.

Benefits of Phen375

prosIt reduces weight naturally

prosDoes not require medical prescription

prosIt has clinically tested ingredients and it is FDA approved

prosQuick burning of your fat giving you more energy. It is a good source for instant energy and highly recommended for athletes.

prosIt is rated as the number one weight loss product.

prosIt does not have any side effects

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Benefits of Saxenda

  • prosThe medication wakes up and protects the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.
  • prosIt has a direct communication with the brain, which speeds up food satisfaction
  • prosIt allows the food to remain in the gut, meaning it is forcing you to eat at a slower pace.

What are their side effects?


consInjection site reactions or redness

consLack of energy or weakness

consAbdominal or stomach pain or upset

consDecreased appetite

consIt may harm a fetus if used during pregnancy

consUrinary tract infection

consConstipation, bloating and indigestion

consSudden drops in blood sugar.



  • consYou will find mild stimulants the likes of Caffeine and Citrus Aurantium. More often than not it can result into a sleeping disorder.

While changing your lifestyle is one of the main contributors to losing weight, it goes without saying the two are also a powerful combination.

So how much weight can you lose on the new medication?

It is worth noting that there are close to three million people in Canada who are struggling with diabetes, but almost six million are pre-diabetic. But do we have to wait till you are obese to prescribe this drug? Of course not.

A study published in The International Journal of Obesity you can lose between six and 11 percent of your body weight.The study was conducted on 3,500 patients.

Research support for the products

There is no pill that will make you lose weight without adjusting your food intake habits. However, studies and other researches show that Phen375 is among the best bets that you can rely on. A majority of weight loss supplements contain ineffective ingredients but Phen375 has some interesting and promising compounds. On the other hand, you will not find the use of difficult sounding scientific terms on Phen375.

Results from a year-long randomized trial of liraglutide (Saxenda) on 3,731 patients indicated that they lost close to 8.4±7.3 kg of body weight. Those on placebo group lost an average of 2.8±6.5kg. The study, which appeared in the July 2 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine further reveals that more than 63% of patients on the game charger drug lost at least 5% of their body weight compared to 27% of the placebo group.

Here is a Comparison between Phen375 and Saxenda






How to use saxenda

It is a reliable fat burner and has been clinically verified It is a dietary supplement, which has been approved by the FDA.
It reduces around 2 lbs to 5 lbs of weight in a week and does not require any prescription It is clinically verified to reduce more than 24 lbs of weight in six weeks.

Requires  usage direction from a medical practitioner especially if you are taking other prescriptions

It is suitable for everyone including the children and the teenage youth
So many fake Phen375 have been introduced on the market. So it’s highly advisable to buy it from official website For safety and quality purposes it is advisable to order it from
It is designed for those who want to reduce their weight naturally


Who should use the products and who should avoid them?

Millions of people are desperate about losing weight. They want to get back to their once slim and sexy bodies. Most of the popular diet supplements currently available on the market may have failed to give the expected magical results. However, the pill and the new injection are not for everyone.

Pregnant and nursing moms are strongly advised to avoid them and if they must use them, it is important to talk to a health provider. The situation is no different for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases and health problems related to obesity. Some of them are hyperthyroidism, fatty livers and high blood pressure.

Nevertheless, Phen375 is particularly safe for most people including children and the young people. It is not known to have any adverse side effects. However, to avoid any complications while using it, read the label and follow the instructions and drink plenty of fresh water.

 Where can you buy the products?

The products may not be the cheapest product available on the market today. However, you may end up wanting to pay more for something you are so sure about given that many other alternatives are not working. However, even with your money and ready to buy Phen375 isn’t available everywhere and it cannot be bought from the likes of Walmart Stores. This sounds surprising. Right? Given that Walmart is one of the celebrated companies across the globe and also the fact that it sells a large number of vitamins and minerals.

Well, the manufacturers of Phen375 may not want to take the risk of selling diet pills in stores such as Walmart. The surprise is not over yet because GNC Holdings Inc, which focuses on the retail side of diet pills and supplements products, does not sell this popular and effective weight loss product.

So what are the available options for purchase? Just the Phen375 official website, which brings on board fantastic deals as well as discount codes.

Saxenda is also available online but for purposes of quality and safety you are advised to place you order through The site offers official products, which come directly from the certified manufacturer. It also provides comprehensive information about the medicines in regards to correct use, potential side effects and recommended dosage.


Users Feedback

The most common reason why dieting is so difficult is the inability to control appetite. Thus, the journey to losing weight is not for the faint-hearted. It requires a strong will and the readiness to change your lifestyle. Otherwise, it is very easy to give up along the way because a miracle cure does not just exist. However, meals should never be skipped.

Nonetheless, a lot of users of these products have given very positive and inspiring feedback. Apart from having received them on time after ordering, they have confessed to having made the best decision in choosing to use them.

User Feedbacks on Phen375 Canada

The pills may not be perfect for everyone who tries them but they have an easier transition to a healthier lifestyle. If you are not sure about them and as first-time use, you can choose to go for the smaller doses and packages first to measure their effectiveness.


Are there other alternatives to weight loss?

It seems like obesity is becoming a chronic disease. Thus, doctors and dieticians are still looking for other strategies and therapies to help the obese victims. Some of the available options include counselling, exercise and in the very severe cases, surgery is being considered a workable option.

We all have this type of food, which we adore. However, if it is one of those causing you weight problems why don’t you consider substituting it? For example: –

  • Turkey for grilled chicken
  • Blueberries for apples
  • Tahini for avocado
  • Rainbow carrots for peppers
  • Almond milk for yogurt
  • Shrimp for eggs

All these have their roles in ensuring you are fighting back the weight gain. What more would you ask for?

At the same time, there are weight loss drug, which are said to work equally good. According to study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the following drugs have the approval of FDA: –

  • Naltrexone and Bupropion

The medication increases certain opioids in the brain that block satiety. However, in some cases it causes nausea.

Topiramate promotes feelings of fullness, which keeps you satisfied while Phenetermine decreases your appetite. But they can cause confusion and sleepiness while topiramateincrease the risk of birth defects.

The medication prevents your intestines from absorbing some of the fat from going through your system. It is an over the counter drug and it is particularly recommended for those people who want to lose less that 10 percent.


  • Lorcaserin

It makes you feel full faster and helps people lose weight within three months. Nonetheless, you may have to deal with several occasions of frequent headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. However, it is a good choice for those who cannot tolerate the side effects of others meds.

The bottom line in every weight-loss med is that none of them is 100 percent free of risky side effects.


Facts you should know about weight loss medication

You may have tried all sorts of strategies you can lay your hands on, in your journey to lose weight. Perhaps they may not have worked and you have resulted to use prescription meds. However, there are essential facts, which you must know about weight loss medicationdespite the drugs’ effectiveness in jump-starting weight loss: –

  • prosA companion diet and exercise plans are necessary in meeting the long-term goals.
  • prosIt may be necessary to change the dose at some point but at the advice of your doctor.
  • prosWhile some doctors may be reluctant to prescribe weight loss drugs, you may have to make a case to acquire the prescription.
  • prosThe results from using weight loss drugs could be modest and slow but the long term benefits are significant.
  • prosYou may have to be on the weight loss drugs for a long period.
  • prosAll weight loss drugs are not created the same. They have different uses. For example there are those which block the fats while other diminish the eating appetite.
  • prosNot all Insurance companies cover weight loss drugs perhaps because they are expensive.


So far, a lot has been said about weight loss. We all want to be proud of our body, which means you have to do the right thing. Above all exercise the discipline of giving your body the right food even before considering pills and injections. Give a priority to natural ways of getting rid of body mass and also obey the rules you have set for yourself.