Why I Stopped Using XuiShenTang – The Japanese Weight Loss Pills

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Why I Stopped Using XuiShenTang – The Japanese Weight Loss Pills

Xiu Shen Tang there are three types, blue, pink, and yellow. I used the yellow one..it goes by different weights and age. Many just use the blue type and stick by this name “Japan blue pills”. What made it more worse that there are Chinese diet pills under the same name and much cheap. Many bought it from Ebay, all they needed is one day to report serious side effects!

We cover here only the authentic Japan Sousinon products. You can only know it through the sticker something like in the following pictures:

Japan_Sousinon_Blue_Box_ The Genuine Xiushentang Japan Weight loss pills

Before I started to write down my review on XiuShenTang. I was randomly checking FDA for any warning and here it popped in #1 results! I found myself really stupied for not checking before on traces of warning signs.

FDA Warning of Japanese weight loss pills

This is the FDA Source link, the problem is that many did buy these Japanese weight loss pills and many are confused which to follow, so much contradictions.  XiuShenTang became viral on 2010 and kept selling its products in different parts of Europe and United States. However, my major trouble was not just with the side-effects that you get once you start using it. The crisis was with it’s vagueness in the ingredients. Not only is it unethical not saying that this pill contains Phenolphthalein but it dangerous as this is a precancerous agent!

For all whom are not familiar with Phenolpthalein here is a brief description:

50 years ago, these ingredients was widely used as a diet supplement in the US, mostly found in, over the counter laxatives. At that time many noticed it impacts on the human metabolic rate and direct effect on weight loss. Subsequently though, when more research had actually been carried out on the effects of the ingredient, the Food and Drug Administration drastically changed it as a banned ingredient and not to be used in any purpose!

Phenolphthalein has laxative effects. It used to be in many OTC laxatives until they found out it was carcinogenic. I’m betting that’s the XiuShenTang weight loss plan; you’ll experience never-ending trips to the bathroom.

I’ve managed to gather some users who have already tried “XiuShenTang” from a reputable forum for health discussions at (source). First two testimonials are the same person after 18 days of usage:

Xiushentang Testimonials

japan rapid weight loss diet pills green Testimonials

japan rapid weight loss pills blue version_Reviews

Xiushentang_Japanese_Rapid_Weight_Loss_PIlls Testimonials


Side note: Leila is a supplier to these kind of pills in the states. That’s why they keep saying “Leila”. 

What is the XiuShenTang best alternative?

for me, I would suggest Phen375, checkout this video

Although Phen375 is sky rocketing when it comes to it’s popularity among reputable fat burners on the market. You can check the official site on Phen375. However, don’t expect much if you are not planning to change your lifestyle and type of food you eat. I wouldn’t find it a success losing weight today regaining it next month after stopping the fat burner. It would be disappointing.

Last point, no body would come knock on your door, telling you what’s right or wrong. You really have to search for the facts by yourself to avoid getting scammed or damage your health.