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No Cravings With Panbesy, Try Phen375 Even Better!

Panbesy is considered the doctor’s choice alternative to Phentermine & Duromine, for appetite suppression.

It has been popular in Singapore, Hongkong and Malaysia. It can also be quite challenging to find legit reviews on Panbesy not many feel comfortable sharing their weight loss journey.

However, in order to get Panbesy you are required to get a doctor’s prescription first. And plus it’s a short-term anti-obesity therapy. So using it on the long run can be very dangerous leading to serious side-effects. Although, Panbesy was working great among Singaporeans. The downsides of undesirable side-effects were a big con and got many reluctant to buy Panbesy from the first place.

Switzerland exports Panbesy to Singapore. The manufacturer of Panbesy is a small Swiss pharmaceutical company, Osmopharm. A trading license for Panbesy (Phentermine) was granted to one of the leading pharmaceutical products distributors in Singapore – Euro Asia Medico company.

Panbesy Plays with Your Brain

The neurotransmitters of your brain is the main target and it’s the reason why Panbesy works.

This drug is a central stimulant, that stimulates your brain neurons to secrete a neurotransmitter group called Catecholamines. now guess what Catecholamines do?

These compounds are able to suppress your appetite because of the way they act on your central nervous system.

The reason for this could simply be said that causes a range of physiological and behavioural changes to allow the individual to cope with the situation.

One such change is a reduction in food intake through a slowed gastric emptying and shunting of the blood vessels to the gastrointestinal tract to allow the muscles an increased blood supply. (1)

RDK global provided a much powerful alternative that provides the following;

Increase energy levels, suppress appetite and minimize cravings, making it an effective weight loss medication which helps you to lose weight quickly.

Thus, turning the metabolism into a fat burning machine. They called the product Phen375. They are not the same compound as Panbesy and work in different ways.

The unique part about Phen375 you can easily buy it online to your doorstep WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Plus money back guarantee. It solved overweight issues to over 35,000+ People and still do.

Fast Comparison Between Phen375 & Panbesy






Mechanism of ActionEnhances the resting metabolic rate, which leads to high burning rate during normal sedentary state.

Curbs food craving for long periods especially in the night time.

Makes you feel happy by enhancing serotonin production naturally.


The main goal and target is to curb appetite and avoid those forgotten snacks during the day. By curbing appetite, it also enhances the mood to avoid depression.
Side-effectsproRare, Some reports of insomnia however, if taken before lunch it will not disturb the normal sleeping pattern.conIt’s very common to have side-effects with Panbesy;

Tachycardia (increased heart rate), elevated blood pressure, palpitations, nervousness, irritability and insomnia. Additionally, if this drug is taken for long term, it may develop euphoria and addiction.

Addiction After 3 Month UseproNoconYes “very common” as it disrupts the neurons.
Contraindication·        If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding

·        If you are taking any prescription or nonprescription medicine, herbal preparation, or dietary supplement

·        If you have allergies to medicines, foods, or other substances

·        If you have anxiety, liver problems, insomnia (trouble sleeping), or heart disease


Designed for;proOverweight, People in need of progressive sustainable weight loss and people dealing with stubborn fats in thighs and belly areaproObese, and people in need for a short treatment (less than 3 month) and can’t control themselves in eating and binge eating in the night.
Prescription NeededproNoconYes
Shippingpro5-7 days to all Asian countries and SingaporeconNeed Prescription must go to doctor.
User ReviewsproClick here to see all phen375 reviews from different sources and forumsconIt’s a bit rare to find an actual review. However, so far people reported good results. But with intolerable side-effects.
Where To Buy

proClick Here To Go Phen375 E-store

conNot available online

Phen375 User Reviews (From Different Forums)




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